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Ancient China
Ancient Rome
Ancient Civilizations
Country Research
Monologue Project
Glenn Miller
Light & Sound
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Science Trading Cards
State Research
Test Taking Tips

Sousa and The Big Bands
Jr. Model UN


Ancient China
1.. http://www.mrdowling.com/613chinesehistory.html Chinese history including the dynasties and the Great Wall.
2. http://www.warriortours.com/intro/history Dynasties

Ancient Civilizations
1. http://phoenicia.org Everything Phoenician
2. http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/building
3. http://i-cias.com/e.o/index.htm Search for Cush(Kush) or Nubia
4. http://www.infoplease.com Search for your civilization

Ancient Rome
1. http://www.roman-emperors.org/indexxxx.htmDe Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
2. http://www.roman-empire.net/army/army.htmlFrom emperors to chariot races, this site probably provides information on your subject.

1. http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Laboratory/Biome/ Analyzes each of the seven biomes, including pictures, maps, charts, descriptions, and review games.Here you can explore coniferous forests, temperate deciduous forests, deserts, grasslands, rainforests, shrublands, and tundras.
2. http://www.cotf.edu/ete/modules/msese/earthsysflr/biomes.htmlArctic Tundra, Mid-Latitude Deciduous Forest, Desert, Tropical Rainforest, Tropical Savannah, and Taiga.
3. http://www.worldbiomes.com/default.htmWorldBiomes.com is a site covering 5 of the major world biomes: aquatic, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra. It gives information on the various sub-divisions of the biomes and provides numerous images.
4. http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org

Glenn Miller
1. http://www.glennmiller.org/ The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society
2. http://www.revampvintage.com/1940.html Fashion in the 1940’s
3. http://dictionary.reference.com/ Online Dictionary and thesaurus. Type in "wwii" and musical terms.

Sousa and The Big Bands
1. http://www.worldbookofmilitarymusic.com World Band Guide table of contents. Select your topic.
2.http://www.dws.org/sousa/ All about John Phillip Sousa and his music

1. http://www.mythweb.com/ The Greek Olympian gods and goddesses.
2. http://www.theoi.com/ Guide to Greek Mythology.
3. http://www.wingedsandals.comTake the tour with Hermes the messenger god, through a magical place filled with awesome gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters.”

1. http://www.onlinemastersdegree.com/resources/career-test-guide/
2. http://www.bls.gov/oco
3. http://www.acinet.org/acinet

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees- http://www.rockhall.comf
2. All Music Guide - http://www.allmusic.com
3. Oldies Music Artists - http://www.oldiesmusic.com/links.htm
4. Yahoo - Entertainment - Music – Artists - A Very comprehensive, easy to use directory. http://dir.yahoo.com/Entertainment/Music/Artists

Culture & Country Research
1. http://www.culturegrams.com - Click "Subscribers" Login userid:dublin Password: cgramsAt home: Login userid: dublinhome Password: cgrams
2. http://plasma.nationalgeographic.com/mapmachine Find nearly any place on Earth, and view it by population, climate, and much more.
3. http://popplanet.org/PopPlanet/countries.cfm Country Profiles on Population, Health & Environment
4. http://www.theodora.com/wfb/abc_world_fact_book.html Statistical information about different countries in the world
5. http://www.asiasource.org A comprehensive storehouse of all types of information on Asia, both current and past: maps and statistics, Asian food, travel guides, photographs, articles, timelines, and more.

Monologue Project
1. http://www.shakespeare-monologues.org - Shakespeare's Monologues
2. http://www.quoteland.com - Quotes
3. http://www.bartleby.com/100 - Quotes

Science Trading Cards
1. http://anthro.palomar.edu/animal/default.htm"CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING THINGS: An Introduction to the Principles of Taxonomywith a Focus on Human Classification Categories
2. http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/resource/people.shtml
3. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aso/tryit/dna
4. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aso/databank/index.html"What's the story behind electroshock therapy? Who's responsible for increasing the size of the Universe? What laboratory mishap led to the saving of countless lives? The answers to these questions, plus many more, await you in 'People and Discoveries', a databank consisting of 120 entries about 20th century scientists and their stories."
5. http://www.janegoodall.org
6. http://www.150.si.edu/150trav/remember/amerinv.htmAmerican Inventors and Inventions
7. http://www.westegg.com/einstein
8. http://www.accessexcellence.org/RC/AB/BC

Pioneer Profiles
Paul Berg Gregor Mendel J. Michael Bishop Cesar Milstein Herbert Boyer Kary B. Mullis Rosalind Frankiln Louis Pasteur Walter Gilbert Linius Pauling William Harvey Robert Swanson Arthur Kornberg Harold Elliot Varmus Barbara McClintock James Dewey Watson

Test Taking Tips
1. http://www.how-to-study.comStudy skills, study strategies, and study tips
2. http://www.testtakingtips.comProper note taking, studying and test taking strategies
3. http://www.studygs.netStudy Guides and Stratagies
4. http://byu.eduBrigham Young University
5. http://www.mtsu.edu/~studskl/sucstu.html"How successful students prepare for tests"
6. http://www.academictips.org "...tips and tricks to help you manage your time, take better notes, study more effectively, improve memory, take tests, and handle the stresses of college life."
7. http://www.education.comSylvan Learning Center
8. http://www.newbury.edu/academicsNewbury College

JR# JR. Model UN

Child Labor info



Possible Solutions (pg. 3) http://montessori-mun.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/BG_ECOSOC_Child-labor.pdf

Water Scarcity info




State Research Web Sites
1. http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd U.S. Census bureau: State & County QuickFacts . Quick, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography of each state.
2. http://www.culturegrams.com - Click "Subscribers" In school Login userid:dublin Password: cgrams At home: Login userid: dublinhome Password: cgrams
3. http://www.infoplease.com/states.html Click on your state for current facts, history and additional links
4. http://loc.gov/rr/news/sttegov/stategov.html Click on your State for links to state and local government information

1. http://www.kidsastronomy.com/“Astronomy for children, students, and kids of all ages.KidsAstronomy.com, part of the KidsKnowIt Network, is the absolutely free astronomy resource designed to teach children about the exciting world of outer space.”
2. http://pds.jpl.nasa.gov/planets“…A collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.”
3. [[http://www.planetary.org“the/|http://www.planetary.org]]The Planetary Society, the world's largest space-interest group, is dedicated to inspiring the public with the adventure and mystery of space exploration.”
4. http://space.jpl.nasa.govIncludes a solar system simulator which allows the visitor to view any of the planets, their moons and the sun, from the location of their choice.
5. http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/planetfact.htmlFact sheets on each of the planets

1. http://www.medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com/build-a-catapult.html Build A Catapult
2. http://science.howstuffworks.com/question127.htmHow does a catapult work?
3. http://www.xenophongroup.com/montjoie/ngp_arty.htm#catapult

Light & Sound
1. http://www.geom.uiuc.edu/education/calc-init/rainbow/“How are rainbows formed? Why do they only occur when the sun is behind the observer? If the sun is low on the horizon, at what angle in the sky should we expect to see a rainbow? This lab helps to answer these and other questions by examining a mathematical model of light passing through a water droplet.”
2. http://science.howstuffworks.com/light.htmHow light works
3. http://www.fi.edu/pieces/dukerich/studentonlineactivities.htmlInformational material about Sound and Sound Waves with activities for students and links for teachers.
4. http://asa.aip.org/sound.htmlInteresting sounds from the Acoustical Society of America

1. http://www.school-for-champions.com/science/magnetism.htm The School for Champions is an educational website that shows you how to achieve your dreams.
2. http://www-istp.gsfc.nasa.gov/Education/Imagnet.html "The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere". Learn about magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, and all sorts of things dealing with magnetism at this site
3. http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/iconmagnetism.html Cool projects that you can do to learn more about magnetism.

1. http://www.allmusicals.com a. Click on the alphabet for the first word of your musical title Ex. “the Lion King”, click on T b. Scan down the list and click on your song title. If your song isn’t underlined, the lyrics are not available on this site.
2. http://www.broadwaymusicalhome.com/lyrics.htm Click on your musical title. You will get an alphabetical list of song titles. Page down for a list of lyrics.

1. http://www.tappi.org/paperu/welcome.htm Welcome to Paper U and the fascinating world of paper! TAPPI is the leading technical association for the worldwide pulp, paper, and converting industry.

1. http://physics.nist.gov/GenInt/Time/time.htmlA NIST Physics Laboratory Presentation. The Evolution of Time Measurement through the Ages. Ancient Calendars, Early Clocks, and more.